Medison IT Solutions creates world-class digital products in web design and branding. As a full UI/UX design agency, we develop transformative user-friendly experiences on all platforms by lifting up the brand and making people love your website or app.

People love using our digital products because we apply behavioral science and more than twenty five years of experience to the customer interface. We design engaging digital products and create human centered software that feels modern, cool and polished.

We work on a global and local market and team up with large companies as well as departments of governments or startups to develop marketing websites, web platforms and mobile apps for a very cost-effective price. We don’t have all these middle-hands or expensive offices in fancy locations that drive up the costs.

Digital products should be easy to use, not just look cool. Our team has deep knowledge in user interactions and is working closely with the clients to create websites and products their customers will get a wonderful feeling from, whether it has a feeling of calming effect, is super engaging or eco-friendly.  0...


Medison IT Solutions is one of the leading software company in Sweden. Medison IT Solutions, a IT Company in Sweden provides software and professional services in various sectors. Medison IT Solutions also provides managed IT services, information availability consulting services and business continuity management software. Look for us wherever the mission is critical.

Medison IT Solutions aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Using our creativeness drives this foundation. The time has come to bring those ideas and plans to life. This is where we really begin to visualize your napkin sketches and make them into beautiful pixels.

Medison IT Solutions, a Software develeopment company in Sweden has been building Web-based software solutions. We bring traditional software engineering methodology and discipline to Web development – delivering robust solutions quickly and efficiently at lower cost. We respect deadlines, understand budgets, and stand by everything we develop.

Medison IT Solutions collaborate with our customers from project concept throughout the life cycle, covering technical and administrative aspects. We select and maintain our development testing tools, using industry best practices to achieve the best result. Designing interventions that reflect the current research,so we are constantly aware of our own development needs. MITS has been smarter, faster and stronger. We are a company of very talented people with a passion for pursuing excellence in all that what we do. We are a professional services software development company and provide IT Consulting service to other companies.

Medison IT Solutions has intelligence experience in agile software development, mobile application, software integration, technical support and maintenance, web application development and other programming services. Our objective is to create value for our client by providing innovative solutions for their business.


Planning/Technical Architecture-  Medison IT Solutions,  technical people have many years of experience in designing successful systems.We combine the industry’s best patterns and practices with the wealth of our technical excellence to design our clients solutions with an architecture that stands the test of time.


We have 25 years of Experience

We were there in the very beginning and we have seen the evolution, because we were a part of it. Now we are taking you with us through the next 25 years and we have a pretty good idea how it is going to look like.


The Price is Right!

Why didn't you already choose the last company you visited for your IT services? We are guessing you want to see what you get for the money and if there is a more affordable price somewhere? Well, you just found us!


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We have done it over and over again. We prove it to our customers. Medison has got the best SEO people who know Social Marketing and the Algorithms needed. If your company isn't number one yet, then let us help you!